Magic Dozen Marketing Workshop

How We Grow Businesses

We believe in courageous owner-operators.

It's not theory. It's revenue.

James Sylvestre Enterprises (JSE) is a construction company in Southern Ontario, not far from Windsor, just across the river from Detroit. Through smart strategy and kick ass advertising we were able to change all that. Now farmers and business owners seek JSE out and hire them directly. Those clients don’t bother getting bids because they don’t want anyone else building their barn. Oh, yeah, also: margins have increased by 80-100% and top-line revenue has tripled. We’ve now begun concentrating on steel building revenue because JSE owns all of the premium barn building business in the area. The client gets to continue building barns and steel buildings the way he insists on building them — the right way — and he gets to make the kind of profit he deserves without having to get beat up by low-priced competition.

Back in January, 2007, I started working with the Northern California heating and air conditioning company it was coming off a second flat year of sales hovering around $5 million. By focusing their message to make it razor-sharp, and more successfully allocating a strong radio and TV plan, the next four years of growth look like this: 2007, $7.2 million; 2008, $9.6 million; 2009, $16.1 million; 2010, $22.3 million. I’m also very proud of a small-town Canadian car dealer who was doing good enough operationally before I met him, but had no real brand identity. His is now a household name in the Atlantic provinces, we’ve doubled the number of cars that he sells per year, he generates seven figures worth of profit per year, as his son and daughter have taken over the day-to-day operations of the dealership.

I would have to say the most fun success story that I have is a pediatric dentist that I work with in San Antonio, Texas. The doctor came to me a month before officially opening the doors of her brand new practice. She had previously worked for another well-known dentist in town, but when he sold his practice, she knew it was time to follow her dream to start her own. Due to HIPPA laws, she would have to start from scratch with patients because she legally could not contact them to tell them that she moved. I had to get creative; there had to be a way to help these patients find her. We did a billboard and direct mail campaign that was similar to “Where In The World Is Carmen San Diego?” The best part is that is work far better than we even expected! They doubled their projected sales for over six months, and we later found out that a majority of the clients we brought in had never even seen her before.

  • Developed a Radio and TV campaign that helped make Deep Eddy Vodka the fastest growing spirit in the U.S as you’re reading this
  • Designed, wrote and executed the ad campaign that’s made Wedding Day Diamonds the largest chain of jewelry stores in Minnesota
  • Helped train teams at Dell, Home Away, Clear Channel, Time Warner and many other top companies to produce clearer, more powerful copy
  • Have trained thousands to write more effectively

There will be no sales pitch, networking or any other annoying attempt to do anything other than help you and your business. This is a workshop limited to business owners. If you want to work with a Wizard of Ads partner beyond the event, you must ask us for us to even consider whether we’d be a good match as your consultants.

Are you prepared to stand out?